platinum is the preferred wedding ring material

Why platinum is the preferred wedding ring material
Platinum is a symbol of eternal love

White on behalf of pure and flawless, pure white wedding as a symbol of white bride’s favor pandora mickey mouse charm disney . Many new people because of platinum pure, eternal choice of platinum to witness their pure and flawless, eternal love. Platinum Su has “love metal,” said, is considered the best symbol of love eternal, witness the common promise of a lifetime commitment to open a new journey of life.
In China, nearly 70% of the bride choose platinum wedding ring
In China, “love metal” platinum has been deeply rooted in the young people, while high quality, simple design of platinum rings are also favored by new people. Platinum can be worn at any time, always reminds lovers of eternal love and commitment. In China, nearly 70% of Chinese brides choose pure eternal platinum wedding ring, in the first-tier cities this proportion is higher, and this trend is still growing.
Platinum and the exchange of the origin of the ringĀ pandora mickey mouse limited edition
In the legend of ancient Egypt, the ring finger in the blood is directly to the heart of the pulse of love, so wearing a ring on the ring finger has become a love token. Early Western wedding, the groom will be in turn the wedding ring to wear in the bride around the three fingers, the last ring on the ring finger. This ritual symbolizes the trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and is the most devout wedding promise.
Pure, rare, eternal platinum after the time is still the beginning, is the best witness of the wedding vows. In 1936, the Duke of Windsor with platinum wedding ring witnessed the death of romantic love order pandora charms, triggering the royal family and stars have to follow suit. Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie and so on to pure white platinum wedding ring as a witness to the wedding of the letter of the pledge. Nowadays, the exchange of platinum on the wedding ring has been favored by many new people.
Exchange platinum on the ring of the moment, the new promise of the oath, is an eternal vow, with platinum to them timeless engraved. From this moment to this life, platinum on the ring will witness the love of the wind and rain, never betray the eternal promise christmas pandora charms.

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