Forevermark eternal mark lucky grass series new listing


Abstract: Cuisine jewelry company together with the world’s first diamond brand Forevermark ® eternal mark together published 100 jewelry exclusive Forevermark ® eternal mark lucky grass series of new and “27799” limited set of diamonds pandora rings for cheap .
Cookies 100 jewelry Forevermark eternal mark lucky grass series new listing
At the same time, Forevermark® is the first of its collection in China’s first storehouse, and Ms. Wang Chunli, General Manager of Cai Bai Company, Ms. Liu Xingshu, President of Forevermark® Asia Pacific, attended the event. , More popular artist Zheng Kai visit the scene to help out.

Experience to understand the precious, sterling silver charms for charm bracelets  long known lucky, as the eternal seal of the eternal seal of lucky grass series of happy, ritual, cherish the three sub-series of sustenance and delivery of the good meaning, and more meet each other’s lucky and together to witness every paragraph Love mileage. Jubilee jewelry Forevermark ® eternal mark Clover series has pendants, rings, earrings and other styles, on the basis of the original continuous upgrade, the details of elegant lines smooth and smooth. Always with the “four-leaf Clover” beautiful shape as the main thrust of the design, the middle of the eternal mark inlaid diamonds are unique hollow leaf design set off more beautiful.
Activities scene,pandora charm bracelet cost  popular artist Zheng Kai to share their own “food 100 jewelry eternal mark lucky grass series, 27799 – love long long time limited set” and fashion and love sentiment, the event to a climax. And Ms. Liu Chunli, General Manager of Cai Bai Company, Ms. Liu Xingshu, President of Asia Pacific, presented the charm of new products.
Ms. Wang Chunli, General Manager of Beijing Caiyekou Co., Ltd. is very optimistic about the new opening of the eternal seal collection and the beautiful prospect of the lucky grass series where can you buy pandora rings . “The breadth of jewelry and eternal mark from the initial cooperation to today’s trust, understanding and support, performance has maintained a sustained growth of more than seven years in this regard thanks to the continuous upgrading of the product, the series continues to develop and improve the meaning of continuous deep people ; On the other hand, thanks to the solid foundation of the company and the reputation of the brand, we believe that the cooperation of the 100 pieces of jewelry and the eternal mark will be able to achieve greater success sterling silver pandora bracelet.

From the initial encounter, to love each other, fate is indispensable, as the food hundred treasures Forevermark ® eternal mark diamonds, as always, this beautiful and rare generation of inheritance, because love and care, because the experience to understand the precious, long kno wn lucky The This year the value of the company’s 60th anniversary of the birthday, the company is the introduction  pandora basic bracelet priceof a hundred bags of heavy returns and shopping gift activities to reward consumer support and love, and look forward to e veryone has a unique story.

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