Suitable for wedding wear pandora necklace

1. Buy the diamond ring to recognize the professional identification certificate Clip Charms. Generally issued by the National Jewelery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, but also the United States Gemological Institute (gia) issued by the most authoritative top of the identification. Recognize the Certifications of the International Diamond Certification Body: the Belgian High Level Council (hrd),Sports Charms & Leisure Charms  the International Gemological Institute (igi), the European Gemological Institute (egl), the American Gems Association (ags), the American Gemological Institute (gia).

2. The domestic less than 20 points below the diamond is generally not equipped  sterling silver charms for charm bracelets with a monitoring certificate, so do not buy at the level of self-professed by the deceived. In the order of professional identification of diamonds, first look at cut (cut), followed by color, clarity and carat weight.
3.1 karats = 100 points, about a size of soybeans, the current market carat diamond ring is very popular, with the potential to appreciate the appreciation. The same weight of diamonds, select the table (desktop) can look bigger diamonds. The table surface refers to the plane of the diamond surface order pandora charms .
4. Buy Dai Kela Beijing wedding ring must pay attention to what the problem? If the diamond is not big enough, you can narrow the ringing part and visually maximize the diamonds. But the smaller the ring, the smaller the part of the diamond, the more unstable the diamond.
5. Buy Dai Kela Beijing wedding ring must pay attention to what the problem?pandora charms and bracelets  Married three months before the beginning of the selection of wedding ring, leaving enough time to shop around. Fat fingers of the bride to avoid the design of slender ring, it is easy to finger out of the two flesh. You can choose a certain width of the ring. Wedding ring material because of different preferences, gold for Asian honey color skin, and platinum pure rare is widely welcomed, rose gold because of its soft color has become favored in recent years material.
6. On the ring can choose a unified pattern of “lovers”. Absolutely not only the traditional ring, as long as you like you can boldly use pavé, lettering or unique grinding technology to express personality.
7. After the purchase of wedding rings will have a guarantee certificate, this must be preserved, so that when the problem came to repair.
Women’s fingers are slim and wear rings with daikela diamonds.pandora bracelet with charms for sale  Be sure to pay attention to the proportions of diamonds and their fingers. Generally speaking, the size of the diamonds on the women’s rings is not a fixed number, with a few minutes and a few karats. The key is to vote for their good, different women, in the selection of diamond rings, jewelry pandora rings the requirements will be different. Real girls, generally require a higher number, may like a large number of Krai diamond ring, and if it is more naive girl, a little diamond is no problem.
Also consider their own economic capacity, the average office workers to buy 30 to 50 points of the diamond is more appropriate, and the funds are more adequate people, you can buy more than one carat diamond
How much daikela ring is right for women to wear? This question does not have a fixed answer, it is best based on the preferences of women, according to their own economic conditions, do not buy a diamond ring and increase their economic pressure, as much as possible to pick a female favorite diamond ring, for their own love Add luster.

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