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Beijing Run pearl as a modern pearl skin care of the leader, by virtue of the “pearl nano-technology”, including a number of national invention patents, sterling silver charms for charm bracelets with purely physical refining, silty more delicate, pearl nutrients remain more complete Of the micron-level pure pearl powder, access to “national essence beauty award”.
To give the quintessence of beauty – pearl, to clean, care, makeup and mask and other multiple usage, for the traditional beauty surgery into the new energy.

Han Dynasty period there is “Pearl Cliff County,” said the Hainan, since ancient times will be rich pearl. Jingrun pearl powder raw materials selected from latitude 18 ° Hainan pure sea high-quality pearls, each pearl are experienced 2-3 years of birth, learn from the natural Aura.
Day after day, Mix and match 925 silver jewelry or ring jewelry in the seawater rich in minerals and microbial nourishment and nourishment, pearls each year to slow the growth rate, calmly absorb the essence of the vast seabed. After the time of the test and precipitation under the essence, is to use pearl raised beauty whitening, moisturizing the delicate power of delicate skin.
Successful inscription
Jingrun pearls as the pearl powder market share of the first enterprises, has always been carrying forward and heritage pearl culture mission. Because of this into the corporate sense of mission, and years of pearls in-depth understanding of the study, so that we deeply feel that the protection of national pride beauty “pearl beauty Yan Han Fang,” the wisdom of the Chinese nation’s treasure, so that we belong Of the skin care style to carry forward pandora charm bracelet sale.
We have been committed to the “pearl beauty Yan Han Fang,” the intangible cultural heritage of the inscription work, not only to better protect the pearl beauty of the national essence of beauty, but also to the official summary and recognition, so that more people Know our beauty quintessence – pearl beauty beauty pandora bracelet with charms for sale.
Let this traditional culture, through the modern technology glow with a new glory, applied to you my life, is the best culture of the national heritage.
Today, the “pearl beauty Yan Han Fang” successfully included in the intangible cultural heritage, which is the Beijing-run pearls dozens of concentrated study, protection and heritage of the beauty of this pride, but also the national high standards and high level of cultural endorsement The
With the inheritance of “pearl beauty Yan Han Fang” intangible cultural heritage sense of responsibility, we have their own practice on the quality of the higher requirements. In the future, we will build more and more belong to the quality characteristics of Beijing Run pearls pandora jewellery rings.

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