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The color of pearls is many,pandora silver charm bracelet  mainly white lines, pink lines, black lines, purple lines, gold five kinds of species. The color and type of pearls are related, freshwater pearls are mainly white, pink, purple three colors. Akayo seawater pearls are mainly white. Nanyang pearls with Tahitian black pearls are very scarce, not easy to make them a lot of jewelry, to string into a necklace is not so simple, plus every value is very high, so made pearl necklace is not a lot, there are also The price is extraordinary pandora charms best price.

What kind of color pearl necklace good? Color is not an important factor in assessing the value of pearls, so in the selection of pearl necklace, as long as the choice of their favorite color just fine. General white most popular, pure and elegant, black mysterious noble, pink and pure romantic, golden luxury grace. According to personal preferences, colo rbuy pandora bracelet online  clothing, occasions and other factors to pick like. No matter what the color of the pearl, as long as with the luxury design, in important occasions such as banquet wear can make people shines.
The so-called “jewel”, luster is the soul of pearls. No light, less light pearls like a stone like. The beauty of pearls is that every pearl surface has a vaguely visible halo pearl. If not lost this magical halo color so pearls have long lost its original value pandora sister charm bead

Pearl luster is a complex optical phenomenon. But there is a very simple way to see the pearl of the gloss is good. Glossy pearl surface is like a mirror, you can shine people shadow. So in the selection of pearl necklace, people facing the light source, such as windows, doors, etc., the pearls in front of their own to see if you can see the clear to the silhouette  pandora silver necklace for charms .
The luster of pearls is closely related to the thickness of the pearls and the arrangement of the crystals. In general, the pearl growth time is moderate, the formation of pearl water environment is good, pearl shells in good health, pearl luster on the stronger. Under normal circumstances the sea pearl luster is more bright than the fresh pearl luster. The stronger the pear the greater the value of pearls. What kind of pearl necklace good? Glossy pearl necklace is good pandora gold bracelet with charms.
The finish is the total degree of smooth, cleanliness that the pearl surface is determined by the size and position of the flaws. There is no one hundred percent without blemish pearls, surface pox, spot, India, pit, the point the less the better. The less the defect, the higher the value of the pearl. A string of pearl necklace is not possible every one is flawed, as long as these flaws are not very obvious or hidden in the mosaic and other more subtle places, the impact on the aesthetic and the price is relatively small pandora gold and silver bracelet , generally not seen in 0.5 meters away The defect is an acceptable standard.

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