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Abstract: Whether it is to participate in dinner or daily commute, a simple pearl pendant, you can beautify the neck, enhance your temperament. So how do you choose the pearl pendant for you?
Pearl pendant style how to choose pearl pendant necklace with the skills pandora charms black friday sale
Pearl hidden introverted light has conceal the noble and elegant temperament charm, pearl pendant is the most popular fashion jewelry. Different pearl pendant style on the face of the improvement and correction effect is excellent, the use of clever mix, you can learn from each other. Xiaobian for everyone to explain, pearl pendant style and face with the skills Cheap Pandora Valentine ‘s Day jewelry.

1, goose face
Egg face also known as the oval face, from all directions seem to have a strong three-dimensional, is the most standard Chinese face. If your face is a standard goose egg shape, then congratulations, as long as the pearl pendant style is generally suitable for your own facial skin tone and your daily dress style pearl pendant can enjoy wearing. pandora necklaces and pendants No matter what the shape of the pearl pendant you will be very comfortable to wear, look good.
However, if your face is slightly longer goose egg shape, you can consider the necklace is slightly shorter than the pearl pendant style to achieve a balanced effect, thereby enhancing the wearing effect.
2, melon face discount pandora jewelry online store
Among the many faces, the oval face and the goose face are the most beautiful face, when the United States described the beauty, are with melon seeds face. This type of face on the width of the narrow, chin more sharp, suitable for wearing “lower edge than the upper edge of the” pendant, such as drop-shaped, gourd-shaped, etc. Any wear to produce “round effect” of the pendants,  pandora bracelet sale 2017 can increase The face of the beauty of the chin, so that the face lines look more rounded. Like round and other ring shape rounded pearl pendant style can be visually in the face, more suitable for such face. This type of face is not suitable for wearing a sharp angle pendant style, which makes the face more cutting and not coordination. So triangular, hexagonal and other angular series of pearl pendant style to avoid wearing complete pandora bracelets for sale.
3, round face
Round face most of the girls are very cute, but will give people left “baby fat” image. Want to modify the round face can choose the geometry of the line is obvious or longer pearl pendant style, can make your plump face lines with soft, just add a few British gas. Should not wear a round or by a lot of beads into a pendant, because too many round lines and face too much like, is not conducive to the visual adjustment of the face.
4, square face pandora charm bracelet prices sale
Square face is a common face in the crowd. Face more side of the girls face lines contour is more obvious, you can try to wear V-shaped small, not eye-catching pearl pendant, change the visual sense of the edge. Pearl pendant style should choose the atmosphere, simple, there are types of texture, will make your temper look luxurious, chic, there is depth. Try to avoid overly sweet pendants.
5, long face
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Long face, face more slender, seem rational, deep and full of wisdom, but also easy to give old-fashioned, aloof impression. So in the selection of pearl pendant style, should be appropriate to ease this feeling. Face long girls are generally not suitable for wearing long necklaces and pendants, that will appear longer face to lose beauty. Shorter necklace, or chain is a good choice pandora jewelry sale online.
Although the face is restricting pearl pendant style selection of important factors, but not the only element, the wearer’s personality temperament is also the choice of pearl pendant style should be considered. For avant-garde fashion, open and lively new women, simple personality style will make their own characteristics more vivid, is a good choice; and quiet introverted girls better to avoid such exaggerated wild pendant, try to choose their own temperament Of the delicate pendant pandora bracelet clearance.
Pearl pendant on the market more and more beautiful and more diverse, in the selection with only as their own preferences as well as face, temperament personality and pearl pendant itself can be considered buy cheap pandora charms online.

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