pandora diamond bracelet

Song Jing, master of Chinese arts and crafts, will present two new works with distinctive features Pandora Disney series of jewelry . Won the 2012 brahma jewelry “annual outstanding jewelry design award” ruby ​​mosaic works “rose life” will be more than 100 pieces of crystal clear ice kind of emerald “decay for the magic”, embellished bright and noble ruby ​​and diamonds, formed like a rose petals from Day off the shock of visual effects pandora charms 50th birthday . Old Fengxiang unique technology, works like the body of the joints are active and movable, fully ergonomic principles, without losing the atmosphere. “Golden Dragon Cheung” 18K gold handmade incense burner Decoration craftsmanship, creative unique, with modern means of interpretation of the profound traditional cultural connotation cheap pandora charms uk.
The first generation of non-material cultural heritage list – “gold and silver fine” skills The sixth generation of successor Zhu Jinsong effort to produce the “imitation of the Qing Emperor Qianlong gold infested gold Ou Yonggu Cup” for the first time in Hong Kong show,pandora s charm  cup Quintana chisel engraved flowers, which inlaid pearls, red, sapphire; the bottom is three elephants for the foot, shape was tripod, “Gold and silver fine works” worksorder pandora charms “antique ancient mandarin duck lotus pattern gold bowl”, “blessing, pandora s charm such as the East China Sea feet bowl”, “antique Shuili style gold claw” different shapes, meaning auspicious, is a century brand old Fengxiang excellence technology and heritage Classic best embodiment.

Cutting-edge design brilliant transformation and upgrading innovative fashion
By the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Master Zhai Jian design of “Qin Ya” Smart Ying shiny color,charms compatible with pandora  noble and elegant temperament, the 62.38 karats of green tourmaline show the most vividly. Lao Fengxiang cutting-edge designer Yang Zhe design, senior technology artist Zhang Weidong production, won the twelfth China Arts and Crafts Master works and arts and crafts boutique Expo gold medal Tanzanite mosaic works “blue Danube” with Tanzanite interpretation of the blue Danube The beauty and mystery. pandora charms emerald Won the fifth China Shanghai jade carving “Yulong Award” the best creative award “Feng language” by the cutting-edge designer Gao Xiaolin creative design, the use of ruby, sapphire, Tanzanite and other materials, the Phoenix dynamic and elegant gesture perfect show

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