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Abstract: Dai Mengde Sports Center shop in order to increase sales in the off-season shopping malls popular, popular pandora charms innovative business model held the first home appliance purchase. But this is a similar to the internal staff welfare sales form, but did not strictly confinement to the internal staff, but through the WeChat, Jiaxing ninth Area and other Internet platform to carry out votes,pandora charms uk  grab votes, will be shared by the dream to share more consumers.
July 8, 2015, wearing a dream center in order to sell in the off-season rising popularity of shopping malls, innovative business model held the first home appliance purchase. The purchase will be implemented within the coupon admission model, original pandora charms although it is a similar to the internal staff welfare sales form, but did not strictly confinement to the internal staff, but through WeChat, Jiaxing Ninth District, etc. Internet platform to carry out votes, grab votes, sharing to more consumers. The major home appliance brand discounts fell to the freezing point price, but also the introduction of lucky draw, rebate and other measures, and promised to buy a month if the time, then back 2 times the price difference. 6 hours of the purchase will receive a total of about 3,000 consumers, turnover of 3005 single, turnover of up to 8.2 million yuan. Chunye jewelery limited liability company, Dai Mengde Diamend, Beijing famous brand, famous brand of Chinese national jewelery, diamond jewelry industry influence brand, dedicated to diamond design / cutting / selling enterprise pandora clip charms

Twenty years of bright diamond road, wearing a dream always leading the times, in accordance with established goals, and constantly enhance the brand’s core competitiveness. Today, the dream of the store has been all over China’s major north-south, wearing a dream of diamond jewelry has been accompanied by a large number of couples into the sacred temple of marriage pandora nurse charm , wearing a dream of excellence to make it countless Chinese people’s treasurer treasure, Make a wonderful dream to achieve.
In the course of continuous development, Dai Meng was deeply aware that only innovative design, innovative ideas, excellent product is a jewelry brand is not the fundamental place. So, in the realization of the dream for the public at the same time, pandora charms australia  wearing a dream to seize the opportunity to enter the high-end jewelry market, the establishment of China’s first private diamond collection club – SEPHIA Diamond Club, and hired international senior jewelry designer, set up large-scale research and development center, Jewelry trends, and Chinese cultural elements through the design and production of a unique character of the jewelry, where to purchase pandora charms so that Dai Meng’s product shines on the top of luxury, elegant and stylish lifestyle.
In the dream of the designer seems, a jewelry, not a simple gem and metal form of the pile, not the value of the superposition, but filled with elegant taste and vitality of the design concept of the cohesion.pandora charms 25  Wearing a dream of the designer by observing, Miao Wu natural beauty in the Vientiane, super to as the outside, free shape, given the precious stones and metal in a form of vitality, so that it has or dignified dignified, or colorful gorgeous, or fresh and elegant Fashion rhyme,  pandora charms emerald will be elegant and gorgeous life taste casting them, to show the dream of a superb level of technology and design capabilities, enhance the dream of the brand connotation.
Dai Mengde – luxury taste and elegant fashion interpreter! Elegant quality of life of the refining pandora rope bracelet !

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