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Jewelry necklace: Compared with the gold and 2018 silver necklace pandora safety chain ebay , it is more decorative effect, more rich color changes, especially young people favored. Used as a necklace jewelry crystal, diamond, natural pearls, ivory and other advanced materials, pandora kiwi charm
but some with breeding beads, agate, coral jade, green pine and so on. When buying such necklace, pay attention to the color and skin color to adapt. Young people skin color moisture, wear pink crystal, ivory,  pandora safety chain review pearl necklace will appear harmonious, quiet, and wear colorful jewelry necklace will appear spirited, extraordinary. Older people use tea crystal, jade, green pine necklace, will look young, dignified.

Choose well, can add color for the necklace, and vice versa, will affect the decorative effect, it should pay attention to its choice. Pendant can be made of gold and silver, jewelry and gold and silver plus gem matching and other different materials. In principle, all kinds of necklaces can be equipped with the corresponding pendant, but in fact some necklaces can not be equipped with pendant,pandora safety chain review  such as some fancy necklaces and jewelry necklace. If the necklace, pendant to be supporting, should try to use the same material, the same texture (except gemstone).
This is because the gold necklace contains heavy metal ingredients that can cause contact dermatitis, especially in hot days when sweating, the necklace of a metal ingredient can be dissolved in sweat, an increase of metal and skin contact opportunities, and can penetrate the skin , Easy to cause inflammation.
The reason for the gold jewelry itself. Gold is a soft precious metal, the higher the purity the more soft, the more easily deformed. Jewelry style more fashionable and novel, some special style due to the force structure of the reasons, pandora clips purpose  likely to cause a few points on the necklace long-term deformation of the fracture.

External factors. Jewelry maintenance is a very important thing, the correct approach is to do change clothes, bath and so easy to hang the necklace before the things, first remove the necklace.
Do not wear gold jewelry when doing housework, gardening, pandora teacup charm and other types of heavy or physical activity. Because women wear gold jewelry to do housework when easy to contact bleach or irritating chemicals. Although they do not harm gold, chemicals may cause discoloration of diamonds or gemstones.

Summer is best not to wear or reduce the time to wear gold jewelry, because often sticky or soaked in sweat will make blond hair, and some women because of this cause cause itching or allergic skin symptoms pandora unforgettable moments . 

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